Science Backed. Pup Approved.

We put together a world-class team of scientists, vets, and puppy taste-testers to create an oral health system that’s safe, effective, and fun.

The Problem

80% of Dogs Get Oral Disease In Their Lifetime

When dog breath turns into oral disease it can mean painful gums, pulled teeth, and even heart and kidney problems for your pup.

Existing Solutions
Aren’t Effective

There are lots of ways to keep your pup’s mouth clean: treats, toys, toothbrushes — even expensive vet treatments.

But even with so many options, almost all dogs still have oral disease. Why? Because dental treats and doggie toothpastes aren’t as effective as you might think.

Dental Treats
Don’t Do The Job

Dental treats leave food residue on your dog’s teeth. That means they can actually cause the problem they’re supposed to solve.

Giving one to your pup every once in a while isn’t going to keep plaque and tartar away.

Beware of Most "Enzymatic" Toothpastes

While toothpaste works better to keep your pup’s mouth clean, existing brands of dog toothpaste are less effective than brands have you believe.

The ugly truth is that while many claim to fight plaque and tartar build up with special enzymes — most “enzymatic” toothpastes don’t actually contain any enzymes at all.

Enzymes are tricky things — you can’t just add them to an existing toothpaste formula and call it enzymatic. It’s much more complicated than that.

In fact, we tested a bunch of supposedly “enzymatic” dog toothpastes and found something shocking: by the time we got them back from the store all of the enzymes inside of them were completely dead.

That means these supposedly more effective — and more expensive toothpastes — aren’t actually any better than their non-enzymatic counterparts.


Practicing good dental hygiene with your pup can add 2-4 years to their life!

The Chompers Solution

An Enzymatic Toothpaste Formula Designed From Scratch

We designed Chompers gel from the ground up to work better than any other product on the market. Each ingredient in Chompers gel works together to:

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    Protect the enzymes and keep them inert while they’re still in the package

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    Activate the enzymes as soon as they come in contact with your dog’s saliva

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    Taste almost as good as peanut-butter wrapped in bacon

All Natural Ingredients, Safe Enough for Humans

Best of all, the enzymes we’ve used in our formulation are already present in a popular human toothpaste in Europe. That means they’re safe and effective enough for even humans to use!

We harvest enzymes from mushrooms and combine them with other natural ingredients to create our tasty gel.

Where other dental chews just cover up bad breath, we stop it at the source.


A grumpy dog can be a result of painful swollen gums. Pets often act years younger as the result of good dental hygiene!

How It Works

Enzymes Protect Your Pup’s Teeth from Plaque and Tartar

The science behind Chompers is complex but the outcome is simple: a cleaner, healthier mouth for your dog. Here’s what’s going on behind the scenes.

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    As soon as your pup’s saliva comes into contact with our gel the enzymes will activate.

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    This causes a chain reaction that converts sugars in your dog’s mouth into an antimicrobial molecule that removes bacteria from their teeth.

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    This antimicrobial molecule then coats their teeth like a protective shield—reducing plaque-causing bacteria and supercharging their natural oral defenses.

Why do we apply the gel to a chew toy?

The chew toy helps distribute the enzymes throughout your dog’s mouth: on their teeth, on their gums, and in the back of their throat. Chewing on a toy also helps to break down the harmful biofilm created by bad bacteria on the enamel of your dog’s teeth.

Once the biofilm is broken down by the toy, the enzymes in our gel stick to your dog’s gumline and make it harder for the bacteria to grow back again.

When combined with our gel, the entire system works together to keep your dog’s mouth clean and free from disease!


Chompers Curated Chew Toys

The chew toys that we curate as part of your Chompers membership are specifically designed to mechanically remove this bacteria from your dog’s gum line and teeth.

Try Now Risk-Free

We’ve tested humanely on real dogs (mostly the pets of our staffers) to ensure our gel is as effective as it is tasty!


You’ve Got Questions.
We’ve Got Answers.

Is it Safe?

Yes! We’ve tested humanely on real dogs (mostly the pets of our staffers!) to measure and ensure effectiveness and see which chew toys and flavors work best. It turns out chicken is a universal favorite among dogs as well as humans.

We even have a vet on staff — Dr. Rob — who oversees everything we put into our product, and makes sure it’s safe and effective.

Is it Natural?

Our enzymes are harvested from mushrooms, and actually the same enzymes are already found in your pup’s mouth. We’re just adding more, for extra effectiveness!

What's in it?
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    Our triple enzyme system contains the same enzymes and proteins that your pup’s mouth uses to fight bacteria and protect their teeth and gums.

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    Pure and simple H20 forms the basis of our gel.

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    Found in every living cell, this is a natural substance that keeps the ingredients stable.

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    A thickening agent extracted from seaweed.

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    Chicken Extract

    Made from real chicken, our extract is low on salt so it doesn’t irritate any puppy tummies. No artificial flavors here!

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    Carboxymethyl Cellulose

    A helpful stabilizer that’s also found in yogurt. We use the minimum amount.

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    Potassium Sorbate

    A must-have stabilizer ensures the gel is kept fresh for longer.

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    Citric Acid

    Found in many human foods, it regulates pH and ensures that our enzymes are alive and kicking when they reach your pup’s mouth.

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    Lactose-Free Skim Milk Powder

    Rich in protein, this powder avoids the gluten and starches that some dogs are allergic to, while containing natural immune boosters that help the enzymes work even better.

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    Microcrystalline Cellulose

    Used as a thickening agent, this ensures that our gel sticks to your pup’s teeth long enough to work its magic.

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    A fruit-derived sugar alcohol found in many chewing gums and toothpastes. We use a tiny amount to avoid upsetting sensitive stomachs.

    Is sorbitol safe for dogs?

    Excessive amounts of sorbitol can lead to an upset stomach, but nothing more serious than that. Chompers contains only a tiny amount of sorbitol, meaning it’s not likely to upset your pup’s tummy.


We love Chompers and have had great results with all 3 of our dogs. Thank you for brightening not only our dogs’s teeth but their days as well!

Gary B,

Happy Dog Owner


Our Customers Love Us

I use Chompers to start Bella on good habits early so she has good dental health for life!

It’s an easy and fun way to keep Rufus’s teeth clean!

It’s great to brush Heim’s teeth without using a toothbrush

Peko and Bam are obsessed with the chicken flavor!

She loves it! When she sees me take it out of the pack she starts spinning around!

30 day guarantee

Clean your pup’s teeth while they chew on their favorite toy

  • Cleansing gel works on any toy or treat
  • No toothbrush required!
  • Natural, safe, and vet-approved
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